Fuck Yeah, Megan Massacre!


This is the first (unfortunately, no longer the ONLY blog) Tumblr dedicated to the lovely and talented model/tattoo artist, Megan Massacre! Here you will find pictures, videos, quotes, and etc. of Megan and/or having to do with Megan! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Enjoy! xoxoxo

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well look whos all over my screen today… teaser: megan massacre @megan_massacre photo work gettin done today.

this is not a final image but youll be able to see some final images soonish :)

Sorry I haven’t updated much, guys!

But it’s Megan’s birthday! Go wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter or Facebook!

I melted.

Megan Massacre for INKED Magazine

Megan Massacre in the INKED Magazine spread for Wooster Street Social Club


Megan Massacre 

one of my idols <3

Sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot, followers!

I just moved to a new state, so I’ve been busy! I promise to give you more Megan in the near future ;)

FYMM xoxoxo


Tonight, should I post more “personal” pictures of Megan, modeling, or with friends? Let me know please! xoxoxo

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